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Turkey & Tinsel – What’s The Fuss About?

Turkey & Tinsel – What’s The Fuss About?

21 July 2020  -  

Have you ever wanted to experience all the fun and joy of Christmas more than once a year? With a Turkey & Tinsel break, the calendar is ignored, and Christmas is celebrated early! With Coronavirus impacting the current calendar and travel status, opting for a Turkey & Tinsel break will give you the Christmas holiday experience as soon as the travel restriction is lifted. The aim of the break is to provide endless Christmas cheer more than once during the year. It also provides an opportunity for meeting new people and to explore a new area of the UK – something you may have overlooked prior to the lockdown.

A Turkey & Tinsel getaway normally involves a mock Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with lots of festive food & activities throughout it. These Turkey & Tinsel breaks are highly popular and take place in various locations across the UK and are enjoyed by many each year. These festive breaks generally involve a decorated coach, Christmas entertainment and shopping, and lots of laughter while feasting on Christmas delights.

A selection of fun and festive UK Turkey & Tinsel getaways are compiled in the list below. Why not treat yourself to some extra Christmas fun this year!

  1. Bosworth Hall

This fun and festive five-day getaway is one you won’t easily forget. It takes place at the majestic Bosworth Hall Hotel which is located in the picturesque Leicestershire countryside. From this stunning location, you will also have the opportunity to explore the beautiful surrounding towns of Stamford, Oakham, the cathedral city of Lincoln, and also have the chance to discover Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon.

  1. Cornish Weekend

Could there be anywhere better to enjoy some pre-Christmas celebrating than the incredible Cornish coast? Cornwall has it all - rugged cliffs, quaint fishing harbours, dreamy seaside towns, and a very relaxed lifestyle. It is the perfect setting to unwind and enjoy some festive celebrations. This four-day getaway is guaranteed to be a memorable one!

  1. Llandudno & Scenic North Wales

Why not treat yourself to an exciting festive getaway to Llandudno, one of Wales’ most loved seaside resorts. This region is definitely one worth exploring! It is full of rugged coastlines, ruined castles, and quaint villages. This getaway is the perfect way to enjoy some early Christmas festivities while exploring the spectacular scenery that North Wales has to offer.

  1. Liverpool & Chester

If you are looking for never-ending festive fun, this is the getaway for you. Liverpool is a vibrant city with an incredible seafaring history, a rejuvenated waterfront, a glorious musical heritage, and a buzzing city centre. It is definitely one of the best places to enjoy some pre-Christmas celebrating! Included in this five-day getaway is a visit to the charming city of Chester, and an optional visit to the stunning seaside resort of Southport.

  1. Brighton & the South Coast

England’s breath-taking South coast is the perfect place to indulge in some pre-Christmas celebrations. With its unrivalled beachfront and iconic tourist attractions, Brighton is the best spot to get you in the seasonal spirit. During the fun and festive five days, you will also get to explore Eastbourne and Beachy Head, as well as experience the spectacular Sussex Heritage Coast scenic drive.

If you are interested in experiencing any of these fabulous festive getaways, it is as easy as booking online or giving us a call to reserve your spot. You don’t want to be the one to miss out on a little much needed extra Christmas cheer this year!

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