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Facts About Liverpool You Need To Know

Facts About Liverpool You Need To Know

30 July 2020  -  

A fascinating seafaring history, an instantly-recognisable skyline (those stunning twin clock towers on the Royal Liver Building) and the lilt of that deliciously welcoming accent. This week we’re taking a closer look at Liverpool, our kid! 

Boasting the UNESCO World Heritage accolade, Liverpool is known as a Maritime Mercantile city due to its world-famous commercial port during the time of Britain’s greatest global influence, but with so much more to discover, we have shipped in some of our favourite facts about this fabulously thriving city.

Museum dot to dot

Did you know that this riverside city has the most Grade-II Listed Buildings outside of London? With a skyline studded with famous architecture, Liverpool is positively bursting with over 2,500 listed buildings and 250 public monuments. It also boasts the most impressive collection of museums in Europe - just think of how many gift shop fridge magnets that would add up to! Why not see these sites with one of our amazing Liverpool coach tours?

Top of the pops

Scouse pride is real when it comes to music. And rightly so. Liverpool holds the Guinness Book of Records title for being the Capital of Pop, which means that more Liverpudlian artists have achieved more number one musical hits than any other place on the planet! And yes, this city’s most famous export; The Beatles, definitely helped develop this unrivalled musical heritage with their 17 UK number one singles. 

Large and in charge 

Clearly not satisfied with being chart toppers alone, Liverpool also shoots straight to the top in Britain’s Largest Cathedral Competition too. The neo-Gothic beauty was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (creator of the red telephone box) in 1904. Offering many treasures, this soaring Aladdin’s cave is home to the world's biggest organ and heaviest bells too. Visitors can even travel to the top of the tower and enjoy lofty views from a dizzying 500 feet above sea level!

Leading lady

Liverpool must have a good agent because, apart from London, it is the most filmed city in the UK. Providing the backdrop for many famous films and TV series, it has starred in Sherlock Holmes, Alfie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Peaky Blinders to name a few. 

Full steam ahead!

Our next stop on this Liverpool bragfest is all about trains. Derailing the competition in 1830, the world’s first passenger railway line was created. Originally used to solve a huge problem involving goods traffic between Liverpool and Manchester, as raw cotton and other goods were taking less time to travel from New York to the Liverpool port than they could afterwards be shipped on to the mills in Manchester. It also took people 12 hours to make the journey along the canals, and so after many trials, Stephenson’s Rocket steam locomotive was fired up and transported its first passengers on the 15th September 1830.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our round up of interesting facts about Liverpool. To experience this friendly city, discover its impressive cultural heritage and have a ‘lorra lorra laughs’, take a look at our upcoming Liverpool tours here. Ta-ra for now. 

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