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25 Reasons To Travel

25 Reasons To Travel

09 February 2021  -  

That’s right, we have been doing what we do best; taking you lovely lot on coach trips for a whopping 25 years! To mark the occasion, we’ve collected together 25 reasons to travel, whether it’s across the continent or exploring the hidden gems in good old England!

Travel to escape the everyday

  • Coach travel = no airport queues. Simple!
  • Holiday anticipation. Sitting on the coach. Toffee chews in one hand, mint humbugs in the other, (other snacks also available) waiting for the engine to rev up and go!
  • Rounding the bend, roaring ‘I win!’ as you’re victorious in yet another round of ‘First Person to See the Sea’.
  • Packing… OK maybe not for everyone, but some of us out there get over-excited and love getting everything organised the week before. 
  • Time to relax. A bit of an obvious one, but sinking into a squishy hotel armchair with that book you’ve been meaning to start for months is a feeling like no other.
  • That first sip of cold lager or fruity cocktail in a new location. Sitting back, taking in new surroundings; watching the little gondolas winding their way through Venice or spying the fairytale turrets on Germany's Romantic Road… the choice is yours.
  • Return coach travel! Not having a dauntingly long drive home but kicking back to finish off your crossword puzzle before getting dropped off in your hometown.

Travel to discover

  • Travelling can genuinely leave you speechless before turning you into a storyteller. Can you remember seeing something truly spectacular for the first time? The sunrise bouncing off the ridges that surround the glittering waters of the Lake District or when you saw St Peter’s Basilica towering over the labyrinthine streets of Rome? We bet you were awestruck at the time, before dashing back to the hotel to put it into words in a postcard!
  • Staycations in general. Being lucky enough to have  a tremendous number of stunning places to explore right on our doorstep in the UK. 
  • ‘’Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.’’ Dr Seuss. Travel always heightens the meaning of this quote for us.
  • Hidden gems of England. The 46 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty aside, there are countless coiffured shorelines, smugglers’ coves, honeypots of picturesque villages, cobwebs of cobbled lanes, beguiling harbour towns with rainbow fisher cottages, bewitching moorlands, sugar-sand beaches, glistening lochs, fluffy forests, intoxicating views and storybook castles roosting upon cinematic landscapes! How lucky are we with this absolute Russian Doll of treasures?!
  • Seasonal holidays. Whether you see in spring with an escape to the Cotswolds or countdown to Christmas with a trip to a magical festive market with a sea of twinkling fairy lights, there is nothing like experiencing the changing seasons in a new place. 
  • In the wise words of Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland). ‘’Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.’’

Travel to learn

  • Pre-planned excursions. The feeling of having everything completely arranged for the day and the luxury of being chauffeured from one stunning location to the next.
  • Getting up close to the fascinating history of a new place. The glorious castles in Great Britain, Lake Garda’s islands, historic houses or heritage properties. We’re never too old to learn something new. 
  • Trying new food. Italian, French, German or Spanish cuisine. You always come home with a list of new recipes to try out.

Travel to make friends

  • New holiday friends; getting to meet interesting people from all walks of life, and staying in touch with them years later. 

Travel to experience

  • Nostalgia... while we love visiting new places, nothing beats that warm feeling of walking down memory lane.
  • Revisiting classic British seaside resorts reminiscent of childhood… finding yourself promenading down that good old pier, battling the penny pusher arcade machines to try and retrieve that very same novelty keyring you tried to win 30 years ago!
  • Sitting on the seafront, hot fish and chips in your lap and a warm breeze wafting over you. Enough said!
  • Calories not counting on holiday! '99' Flake ice creams, sugared doughnuts, fudge, candy floss, seaside rock … the list goes on!
  • That very first exploration when you arrive somewhere new; ditching the map and pottering around to try and get your bearings. 
  • Evening entertainment… that feeling of heading to the 2 for 1 bar with a fistful of drinks tokens ready to play a fab game of bingo or enjoy a brilliant cabaret show!
  • The feeling of carpet underfoot when you get home. A bit of a niche one, but it feels amazing after a week of tiled bedrooms abroad. Who can relate?
  • Taking hundreds of photos and getting home to pop them in photo albums or add them to Facebook for your loved ones to see.

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve got heaps of different breaks, near and far, long and short to whet your travel appetite and inspire your next getaway. Have a browse here.

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