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How To Pack Like A Pro

How To Pack Like A Pro

23 July 2019  -  

You’re almost there – you’ve researched a holiday, booked the trip, paid it off, the long months of waiting are finally over, you’re almost ready to be on your merry way but are now faced with this traumatic thought – what to pack?

What will the weather be like? Should I take clothes in case it rains and a jumper in case it gets cold? What about a swimming costume? Do I need comfy clothes for walking? What about smart evening wear? And if you are anything like me, how can I choose between the 10 pairs of shoes that I’ve shortlisted and pack a more realistic number if it's only a weekend coach trip?

Well, we have some top tips to make you a packing wizard.


Write a packing list

Think about all the activities you’ll be doing on your trip and make a list of all the different items of clothing and footwear you’ll need for this. This should also help to ensure you don’t overpack – if this list is looking a little long, now is the chance to cut something from it. Also, make a list of essential items that you might be worried you’ll leave at home – Passport? Tickets? Insurance documents? 

Top Tip
A useful idea is to take a photocopy of your passport, driving license, credit cards and any other important documents and pack them in a separate place to the originals – that way if they do go missing, the photocopies will make it easier to replace them.

The re-packing curse

Hate the thought of packing all your clothes up neatly to then realise upon arriving at your hotel that what you want to wear that first day is at the bottom of your suitcase? To avoid an eruption of your possessions at your destination and the constant need to re-pack everything, when you pack, try and do so in chronological order. Think about what you need first and make sure this is near the top, and that what you will need last is at the bottom. Perhaps lay out all the items on your list above before you start packing, to help with this.

Roll up!

One of the best ways to save space is to roll up your clothes – not only will this allow you to make better use of your baggage space, but it will also help to minimise the risk of creases.

And it's not just great for socks and underwear (if you haven't already stuffed them in your shoes!), but did you know rolling also works well for T-shirts, pants, casual dresses, swimsuits, and pyjamas?

However, you'll want to avoid rolling bulky clothes like sweaters, or ones that will crease easily, like shirts or more formal items.

Lose some of those shoes

When it comes to packing, shoes are an awkward shape. The general guide is to take just two pairs – a casual/comfortable pair for everyday use, and then a more formal pair, perhaps for those special meals out.

We suggest ditching the high heels for your holiday and sticking with sandals and flip-flops that offer the benefits of being both practical and easy to pack. The good news is that these days sandals like Birkenstocks and Sollilas are very on-trend, so you can be both comfortable AND stylish -- if this is a consideration!


Top Tip
Worried about your shoes staining your clothes? Hold on to hotel disposable shower caps and use them to cover the base of your shoes.

Whatever the weather

It can often be difficult to predict what clothes you might need to pack as the weather can be uncertain. If you are going somewhere warm but are worried that it will be cold at some point, try packing clothes that will work well as layers. Think plenty of thin t-shirts and long sleeve shirts that you can either wear on their own or on top of one another if the temperature does drop. Also, think about investing in a lightweight waterproof that can roll up tightly.

Save some room

To avoid the stress of needing to sit on your suitcase on the way home to squash your clothes down, or the desperate search for new luggage on the last day of your trip and paying additional baggage charges, if you plan on doing some shopping when you are away, leave some room in your bag.

Buy mini-toiletries

Whilst these are often proportionately more expensive compared to their larger counterparts, if you buy miniature toiletries for your trip, not only do they take up less baggage space, but you can use them up whilst you are away to save lugging them home too.

Top Tip
Think about airport security when you are packing your toiletries and put all your liquids together in one place where you can access them easily. This will save a lot of stress and fluster when you're at a busy airport!


Bulk up for the flight

Joey from Friends wearing all Chandler's clothes

To avoid packing your bulkiest items, for example, that pair of comfy boots, or that thick jumper, wear these as your travelling outfit. This means that you’ll still benefit from having them with you whilst you are away but will leave more room in your case for other things.

It's weigh-in time

Make sure to weigh your bag before you get to the airport. That way if your bag is too heavy, you can take something out and leave it at home, rather than be stung with extra baggage charges or be forced to depressingly sift through your suitcase on the airport floor to figure out what you can throw away. Alternatively, if your bag is under the weight limit (great work by the way!), then you can either pack a little more, or better yet, buy yourself a treat while you are away to remember your holiday by.


All packed up and... nowhere to go?

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